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WebTrading tools. Enjoy exclusive trading suggestions backed by artificial intelligence with SMART Signals, Performance Analytics, and advanced charts. Take your trading to the WebForex Interceptor Trading Software. $ Add to wishlist. Add to cart. Forex Interceptor Trading Software calculates and indicates all three market phases (bull market/bear Web28/8/ · Best Forex Trading Super Signal + Triple Confirmation MT4 Template – SIGNAL PLATFORM: MT4. PAIR: ALL PAIRS – MULTICURRENCY. TIMEFRAMES: WebMetaTrader 4 truly has no equal as one of the most popular online forex trading platforms. This comprehensive forex trading platform has a number of features that are Web27/8/ · These will be some specific tools that we recommend for helping you trade forex in 1. MetaTrader 4 and 5. At the top of the list, we have MetaTrader 4 and ... read more

Most of these Forex trading tools are available for both Windows and Mac. This list of trading tools doesn't include any Excel tools. A wealth of both paid and free Forex trading tools are based on Forex trading tool software developed for a specific purpose, separate from Excel, to provide you with the most reliable information possible.

This is the first group of tools for Forex trading. Forex traders use some tools to find trading opportunities. Our list of the top Forex trading tools for finding trading opportunities includes tools in the following subcategories:. All of these can tell you about what is shaking the market and which direction current price trends may follow. With this information, you'll be able to find more trading opportunities.

Forex calendars are a valuable tool for learning about what is going to happen in the market, and planning your trades accordingly. They largely target traders who want to keep up with the fundamental updates on the FX market.

However, these calendars may come in handy to all types of traders. Admirals free Forex calendar lists upcoming fundamental events, and releases of economic news, listed along with their previous and expected values.

As soon as the news is released sometimes, with a slight delay , the calendar is updated with proper values, and the market starts to experience new moves. An even more in-depth calendar tool is the free Admirals Premium Analytics economic and corporate calendars. The economic calendar shares detailed, real-time information about upcoming economic event, while the corporate calendar covers corporate dividends, earnings, annual meetings and more.

With these investing calendars, traders can follow their favourite companies and always have access to the latest insights about changes that might influence their stock trading.

Along with economic calendars, live news is another useful Forex trading tool. The problem is that there's just so much information to sift through! While you can manually search Bloomberg, Reuters, Forex Factory and FX street, wouldn't it be easier if it was all delivered to you automatically? The good news is that this is possible.

In fact, the Admirals MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin includes a feature called Admiral Connect , which delivers live trading news direct to your MetaTrader terminal! Admiral Connect tool connects all big news providers, including a trade analysis feature and your own RSS-feeds to display in-platform and spend less time outside the terminal when looking for additional functionality and information required for trading.

Source: Admiral Connect, MetaTrader 4. Learn more and install the Connect tool here. Or, if you'd like even more data, our exclusive Premium Analytics portal offers traders access to real-time Forex and trading news feeds, with the option to filter based on trading instruments or the latest live news. While the portal is available absolutely free, there is a perk if you have a live trading account with Admirals - over news stories a day.

Meanwhile, traders with demo accounts will get access to up to free news stories. Many traders see the appeal of technical analysis , as it allows them to identify FX trading opportunities without having to keep up to date with market news. The main challenge, though, is identifying accurate patterns that generate reliable trading signals. The first one we'll cover is in the Technical Analysis and Trading Signals feature in Admirals' Premium Analytics portal.

Powered by Trading Central's award-winning technology, this widget combines actionable technical analysis on virtually every financial instrument including stocks and Forex to help investors optimise their trading strategies. These technical analysis tools incorporate independent opinions of Trading Central's global research team, provide automated and personalised trade ideas and combine technical and fundamental analysis to help generate trading signals for active traders.

The second feature, also powered by Trading Central, is available in the MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin. Traders can also continue to learn about any instrument through the "Learn more" and "View Historical Events" buttons. This progressive disclosure of information informs new traders on how to approach the jumping-off point and begin trading, and supports their ability to continue learning at their own pace.

The Technical Summary Score removes the need to wade through extraneous details to form a decision. It enables traders to see a concise technical outlook across three timeframes in an instant!

Using a proprietary weight-of-evidence approach, the Score displays the directional outlook of either bullish, bearish or neutral, across short- to long-term timeframes, to provide simple and concise support at the moment it's needed. With thousands of financial markets , news events and technical signals to keep track of, it's impossible for any trader to monitor all market movements for the best trading opportunities.

Featured Ideas delivers unbiased, intraday trading ideas tailored to each individual trader's preferences such as holding timeframes, favourite patterns, or preferred currencies. Featured Ideas' transparent and informational feature set helps teach new traders about technical analysis, and assists traders of all skill-levels in crafting confident, timely decisions and strategies.

Each idea offers clear and concise commentary on the reasons why this idea was displayed, and what the technical events mean for price movement. Hovering over the pattern will teach you about that technical pattern, and "watching" an idea will allow you to keep track of how it performs so you can make a confident, educated decision next time you see that pattern. Are you interested in finding more information on trading tools and trading, in general?

Admirals offers free trading webinars and seminars for all experience levels. In these seminars, you will advance your knowledge and abilities with Forex trading tools and other general trading topics.

You can register by clicking the banner below:. The next category of Forex trading tools is those that tell you what's happening in the market right now - who is trading what, how they feel about it, and the relationships between different instruments and markets. While news and calendars are essential tools for identifying trading opportunities, sometimes they can be difficult to interpret.

You might expect there to be movement after the European Central Bank's next announcement, but will your preferred trading instruments go up or down? The problem is that while every trading platform and finance site includes charts, but not every site or platform leads with its ability to provide a true picture of the market.

This is where a market heat map can be useful. Market heat maps empower traders to discover moments of extreme undervaluations and overvaluations by giving them a visual breakdown of the market's biggest movers and shakers, as well as the directions in which they're moving. This means you have an at-a-glance view of exactly what's happening in the market, and you can trade accordingly.

Source: Admirals Market Heat Map. See today's heat map here. The market heat map tells you how much an instrument has moved, but it doesn't tell you how traders feel about those movements.

This is where market sentiment tools are helpful. Market sentiment tools tell you how the market feels about certain instruments - they might tally up the volume of long trades or short trades, or they might scan the current headlines to see how the media feels about an instrument.

The first market sentiment tool is the free market sentiment widget on the Admirals website. It helps you to understand the current positions of traders, aggregated into one dashboard. This way, you can see how many traders are holding short positions, and how many are holding long positions. With the help of Market Sentiment, you can double-check whether you want to join the trade, plus what your chances are if you decide to go against the crowd.

The next FX tool is available in the free MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin - the Sentiment Trader tool. Like the widget on the Admirals website, this gives you the net short and long positions in an instrument, with the convenience of it being accessible from within the MetaTrader platform.

Source: Sentiment Trader - EURUSD. Charts for financial instruments in this article are for illustrative purposes and does not constitute trading advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument provided by Admirals CFDs, ETFs, Shares.

Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. The third market sentiment tool is the Forex sentiment widget in our Premium Analytics portal, powered by Acuity.

This widget uses unique machine learning technology to reveal hidden insights from the text of millions of news articles, presenting it in a visually compelling and intuitive display. Classic technical charting - oversold, overbought, resistance, or breakout level for an instrument - is no longer enough for the modern trader. Online traders also need to consider more unique approaches to identifying seasonal price patterns.

So what is correlation in currency trading? It is the relationship of price changes in one currency to another. For example, the Swiss Franc is usually positively correlated with the Euro, meaning their values move in similar directions. Tool 9: CorrelationA correlation matrix is an FX tool that provides invaluable and in-depth market information across all asset classes in different time frames. This enables traders to mitigate the risk involved when planning trades, or to spot trading opportunities when strong historical correlations are broken.

With the free correlation matrix available in MetaTrader Supreme Edition, you can preview the correlations of trading instruments plotted over various time frames. The process for downloading and using this tool is the same as the process for the MTSE market sentiment widget. Source: MetaTrader Supreme Edition Correlation Matrix. Learn more and install Correlation Matrix here.

We now move onto another category. A good trading strategy includes planning for profits and losses. This allows traders to make calculated risks - by calculating the maximum potential loss they are willing to accept in a trade, they can decide whether the potential profit is worth the risk.

The challenge is that calculating Forex profits and losses isn't simply subtracting the opening price of your trade from the closing price of your trade. You also need to consider trade volume lots , applicable leverage, your account currency, and spreads, swaps and commissions charged by the broker. The good news is that there is a range of free trading calculators available online, which include all these variables and more.

You can see how it works today with our free Forex calculator. Source: Admirals Forex calculator. Use the calculator here. Now you've identified your trading opportunities, you've gauged market sentiment and you've calculated your potential profits and losses. The next step is trading. Whether you're a scalper, day trader or swing trader , time is money, and you want your trading to be as efficient as possible. This will free you up to conduct further analysis or make more trades, or might simply mean you can get away from your computer more often to enjoy the other parts of your life.

The good news is that there is a range of Forex tools designed to make your trading experience as smooth as possible. MTSE is the ultimate trading toolkit for professional traders - simply click the banner below to download it today. The Trade Terminal is another feature in the MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin, and it allows traders to keep an eye on multiple assets simultaneously. Using the Trade Terminal , you will be able to trade multiple currency pairs from the same window, work out your stop-loss and take-profit strategies, as well as place trailing stop s.

Trade Terminal also features a Mini Terminal , which enhances the default 1-click-trading manager that comes with MetaTrader 4 and 5. Instead of just being able to purchase and sell currencies with one click, this tool lets you preset stop-losses and take-profits, making it an essential tool for short-term traders. One of the challenges of most trading platforms is that it's difficult to see the same instrument in multiple time frames and formats.

Either you need to manually change the time frame and chart type for your chart, or you need to open multiple charts for the same instrument and move between them. Mini charts, however, give you instrument analysis over different time frames within any chart window.

This allows traders to better see the direction of the market and help them make better forecasts of what might happen in the future. Varied small charts inside a main chart and even access to multiple timeframes like 3 minutes or seconds and chart types like Point-and-Figure, Kagi or Range, are not available in the standard versions of the trading platforms. If you're a scalper or high-frequency trader, you know how quickly the markets can move. You also know how important it is to make trades as quickly as possible to avoid potentially losing out on profits due to fast price movements.

Having to deal with a wide variety of currencies can be quite daunting however with the pip value calculator, it becomes easy. In addition to the pip value calculator, you may also want to consider the position size calculator which can help you allocate positions on your trade.

This tool can be quite effective especially if you are paying close attention to your stop losses, entry points, risk tolerance as well as account size. Risk management is among the important elements which any trader should always take into consideration. In fact, it is the one important thing that traders must possess in order to survive and succeed in the forex market.

Usually, a trader with great risk management and proper position sizing skills speaks of their experience and versatility in the industry of trading. It is also what sets them apart from beginners or amateurs. The position size calculator is likewise designed to aid traders in their decisions related to risk management.

The same as the previous tool mentioned earlier, you can use this tool by simply entering your details on the blank fields.

Results increase as you also increase the risk percentage as well as stop loss on pips. With this tool, it becomes easier and more accurate to find the best position size for your trade. This tool enables you to trace the best targets for a position in the chart based on the retracements using Fibonacci retracement.

This tool shows the potential risks involved prior to making entries in a trade. The great thing about using the Risk and Reward Calculator is that you can use it for both bullish or bearish markets. Simply enter these required details:.

Using Fibonacci retracements, bounce and pullbacks usually happen close to the 0. These points will be the go signal for an exit or entry. Next is to take the details of the wave and fill out the A, B, and C boxes in the tool. For this example, let us assume that In the next image, we have plotted the recommended position targets from the tool and we can see here that the target positions prove to be effective when using it as buying points.

With diligent practice and training, you will find that these tools are really effective in gaining good positions while you trade. Among the best forex platforms to use these tools include eToro — it has a virtual portfolio where you can put these tools into practice before moving into the actual or real trade. Plus you will get a Free demo account!

Thank you!?? eToro is a multi-asset platform that offers both investing in stocks and crypto assets, as well as trading CFDs.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Trading history presented is less than 5 complete years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision. Copy trading is a portfolio management service, provided by eToro Europe Ltd.

Cryptoasset investing is unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Your capital is at risk. eToro USA LLC does not offer CFDs and makes no representation and assumes no liability as to the accuracy or completeness of the content of this publication, which has been prepared by our partner utilizing publicly available non-entity-specific information about eToro.

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Today, we are talking about having the right forex trading tools at your disposal. These tools will help you do various things, such as:. As soon as you start trading forex with these tools at your side, you will quickly realize why they are so popular.

They can give you the edge you need to make good trades and avoid bad ones. They will help you analyze the markets, set up parameters for choosing trades, and do a lot of other useful things that will increase your odds of making a profit. Of course, not just any tool will do. You need to look for tools that display certain characteristics. Here is what you should look for:. Most tools that trading platforms or broker websites include are likely reliable.

However, you should test them to be sure. Naturally, you need a tool that can do what it was created to do and function without problems under normal circumstances within the forex market.

Functionality and consistency are crucial, as you need to know that you can rely on your tools at all times. Lastly, you shouldn't pay a fortune for your tools, especially if there are much cheaper solutions out there that do the same thing. You should look for functional and reliable tools, but if you can pay less for obtaining them, that will certainly help. After all, your goal is to make money, not waste it. The last important question before we start talking about the actual, specific tools that you could consider is deciding on what kinds of tools do you really need.

Many of them will depend on your trading style and the methods you use for money management. A day trader and a trend trader will not use identical tools, as the former needs short-term technical indicators and chart patterns, while the latter is likely going to be more interested in long-term moving averages and charts.

So, keep in mind that your strategy matters a lot. But, with that said, there are some tools that will be of use to most traders, regardless of their preferred trading style. Charts are among the most useful things in your arsenal when it comes to forex trading.

With them, you can track market performance, notice patterns, examine the history of specific currencies, and even analyze the market in real-time. This type of software often includes other technical indicators and trading signals as well, all of which are helpful for successful forex trading.

Copy trading is a relatively new thing in the trading industry, as it has only been around for about a decade or so. This technology allows traders to duplicate successful trades of others and use the same methods for tackling the market. Whenever a successful traders trade on their accounts, you can copy the trade automatically. Of course, they would not be identical but scaled to suit your own risk preferences and other settings. These are very useful tools for those who look up to a professional trader.

Of course, there is also the matter of a trading platform. These platforms often contain some analysis tools of their own, most of which have order entry abilities, and can track the market changes in real-time.

This is certainly convenient for tracking the market changes as you are placing your order. Another thing that they often have is a financial news feed, which can also help you decide what move to make.

Then, there is a highly-customizable, sophisticated trading software that allows you to set up different parameters and use them for automating your trades. That way, you don't have to worry about missing an opportunity that you would consider good enough to enter a position. Best of all, it is also very easy to find a platform that comes with its own mobile version, so you can also trade on the go. Last but not least, there are all kinds of online calculators that can help you save a lot of time when calculating your next move.

Those can include things like margin, pip, profit, and volatility calculators, as well as your typical currency converters. With that out of the way, let's get into the tools themselves. These will be some specific tools that we recommend for helping you trade forex in At the top of the list, we have MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These are trading platforms that offer a lot of tools of their own that can help you create your own version of EA Expert Advisor software.

As a result, you can automate your trading to a pretty large extent, so that you don't have to analyze every situation yourself. MetaTrader 4 — or MT4, as it is also called — gives you access to a built-in editor, and a compiler with access to a free library of software, created by users themselves.

It will provide you with fresh articles, and all the help you need for making successful trades and learning the software. The first ones, Pending orders, are executed when the price reaches a predefined level. Meanwhile, Market orders can be executed in one of four modes:. MetaTrader offers great real-time trading functionality, and the number of charting and other tools for technical analysis is rather impressive.

Even its interface can be customized in a way that will suit you best. Meanwhile, there is also no lack of community-created add-ons that you can include. However, be aware of the fact that MT4 and MT5 were created to act as stand-alone systems with the broker. There are software bridges created by third parties that can allow you to integrate MT with other financial trading systems, however, although MetaQuotes Software really did not like this. Next up, we have a trading journal. This kind of a tool, while simple, is very important for traders, particularly when it comes to new traders who are still learning the ropes.

The reason for this is that traders need to learn about their own trading habits. Once you start trading forex, you will likely have a lot of trades in a relatively short amount of time. That will make it impossible for you to remember every detail of every trade, so the best thing you can do is write it down in a trading journal.

That way, you can keep accurate records with as many details as you like, and gain insight into your trading decisions. Include explanations for why you initiated the trade, which signals you used to decide when to enter a position, how it all went down.

Anything that you think might help you notice a pattern in your trading behavior, and improve it, should go into the journal. That way, you will see where you made a mistake, and you will know exactly why you made that mistake. That way, you can simply avoid the same mistakes in the future, and work on bettering yourself. As you probably know already, there are plenty of things that can influence forex prices and make them go up or down. Things like interest rates, economic numbers, and alike can all cause people to buy or sell, and the price to grow or drop.

This is why it can be crucial to keep track of all the fresh news and use them in your trades. Interest rates are the most influential on forex, according to some analysts. They are set by the countries' central banks, who are also the entities with the most control over their currencies. Benchmark interest rates are released every month, which is when their influence on forex prices is the strongest.

Apart from technical news, there are also geopolitical events that you may want to keep an eye on. This can include major economic releases like GDP, or things like national elections. Most importantly, keeping an eye on the news allows you to react instantly, and in some cases, even predict the price change before it starts, if you are quick enough.

And, even if you are a long-term trader, you should still keep an eye on the news, as they can help you predict what to invest in, as well. Then, there are things like economic calendars , which are very useful for traders who like to have their entire trading week planned out. You can use your calendar to list important events so that you would not forget about them and only read about them in the news.

This could include all the major events we talked about in the news section, like central bank policy and interest rate statements. Simply create a calendar for yourself, listing when these events will take place so that you would know when to keep an eye out for them, as well as price changes.

You can also add the expected number and the previous number, which will help you notice things like deviations from what you had expected, and help you figure out how good your understanding of the market is. Also, remember to add how much each event impacted the currencies you are interested in, and in what way. This can also help you determine how the market will react to similar news in the future.

We have mentioned several types of calculators earlier, so let's take a look at each of them and how they can help you out with your trading. You can usually find most, if not all of them, on your broker's platform, so do look them up. This is a type of calculator that uses the data regarding how the currency changed in the past, to help you determine its potential moves in the future.

Provided that there are no major unexpected influences, such as big announcements or geopolitical events, most currencies tend to 'repeat their history,' meaning they would drop or jump in a similar way and at the similar time.

By knowing the currency's historical volatility, you can use this calculator to predict its movement, and use that to your advantage. Pip is the smallest unit of movement in a currency pair's exchange rate. A pip calculator can, therefore, allow you to determine the exact amount of worth per pip.

To do this, it uses the local currency's position size. The calculator can display a specific currency pair's value based on a standard-lot , currency units , mini-lot 10, currency units , or a micro-lot 1, currency units.

Next, there is a margin calculator , which you can use to determine the amount needed to open a position in a trading account and maintain it. It uses several aspects for its calculations, such as the contract size, the specific currencies in the pair, your accounting currency, and alike. In return, it gives you the required margin, the margin percentage, and how much you need in order to hold a position. A currency converter is, obviously, a calculator that allows you to calculate the value of one currency in the form of another, based at the prevailing exchange rate.

You simply choose a currency you wish to convert, the currency you wish to convert it to, and the amount. This can help speed up the process of calculating equivalent currency values and alike. Next, there are profit calculators , which are very simple tools that allow you to determine whether a trading position would result in a profit or loss at different levels of the exchange rate.

Another very useful thing to have and use is a time zone converter , which is important, as time zones can mean a big difference. As you may know, the leading forex trading centers are placed all around the world. You've got the ones in New York, Tokyo, London, and Sydney, all of which are in different time zones. Even so, some of them have their trading sessions overlap, and these overlaps could be the most liquid moments of the day. Lastly, we have a correlation matrix.

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Web28/8/ · Best Forex Trading Super Signal + Triple Confirmation MT4 Template – SIGNAL PLATFORM: MT4. PAIR: ALL PAIRS – MULTICURRENCY. TIMEFRAMES: WebBest Forex Trading Software. These are the software packages and tools I use at the moment: Best trading software: MetaTrader 4. This is a no-brainer. It’s the most widely WebForex Interceptor Trading Software. $ Add to wishlist. Add to cart. Forex Interceptor Trading Software calculates and indicates all three market phases (bull market/bear WebAmong the best forex platforms to use these tools include eToro – it has a virtual portfolio where you can put these tools into practice before moving into the actual or real trade. WebMetaTrader 4 truly has no equal as one of the most popular online forex trading platforms. This comprehensive forex trading platform has a number of features that are WebTrading tools. Enjoy exclusive trading suggestions backed by artificial intelligence with SMART Signals, Performance Analytics, and advanced charts. Take your trading to the ... read more

MetaTrader also offers two different types of trading orders: Pending Orders Market Orders The first ones, Pending orders, are executed when the price reaches a predefined level. Include explanations for why you initiated the trade, which signals you used to decide when to enter a position, how it all went down. This will free you up to conduct further analysis or make more trades, or might simply mean you can get away from your computer more often to enjoy the other parts of your life. Related blog posts. A list of possible correlation intervals from An economic calendar lists the time and date of important economic data that can affect currency pairs when released. On a tablet, it actually looks quite good!

Since the foreign exchange market reflects the relative values of currencies according to the present economic conditions in each country of origin, interest rate differentials and market expectations in the forex market can have an important impact on exchange rate levels. Accept Read More. Backtesting is when you test your trading strategies using historical data, which can indicate their potential level of success should you try the same strategy on the live market. The width of the dealing spread is an important cost to a trader and can buy tools for forex trading up considerably for those who trade actively. Protected: Is Your Forex Broker a Scam? Economic calendars are typically offered by forex brokers and financial news websites. All currency trades involve a currency pair and when taking a forex position, buy tools for forex trading, you simultaneously go long 1 currency and short another.